Landlord Representation

Kingston Commercial is the leasing agent for many of the properties we manage. For each of our leasing projects, we follow a process that enables us to work as a team with you – identifying and optimizing your property value.

Determine goals

  • Set objectives (price, profit, other) for project with client

Research the market

  • Conduct market research and analysis
  • Identify best property options

Negotiate the transaction

  • Negotiate the deal
  • Conduct marketing campaigns
  • Qualify tenant applications

Manage property and maximize Value

  • Review service contracts
  • Conduct management and financial reporting
  • Maximize tenant retention

Construction and build out projects

Often times, as part of managing a property, construction and special projects become an integral and necessary part of preserving long-term value. Kingston has successfully overseen hundreds of tenant build outs and special projects.

  • Secure top quality vendors
  • Maintain budget and timeline
  • Conduct final inspection and provide documentation